We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the many people who helped get this project off of the ground, including people who beta tested the software, gave feedback on the material, improved dependencies of Spinning Up code in service of this release, or otherwise supported the project. Given the number of people who were involved at various points, this list of names may not be exhaustive. (If you think you should have been listed here, please do not hesitate to reach out.)

In no particular order, thank you Alex Ray, Amanda Askell, Ben Garfinkel, Christy Dennison, Coline Devin, Daniel Zeigler, Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Ge Yang, Greg Khan, Jack Clark, Jonas Rothfuss, Larissa Schiavo, Leandro Castelao, Lilian Weng, Maddie Hall, Matthias Plappert, Miles Brundage, Peter Zokhov, and Pieter Abbeel.

We are also grateful to Pieter Abbeel’s group at Berkeley, and the Center for Human-Compatible AI, for giving feedback on presentations about Spinning Up.